Manolo Blahnik is honoured to support the following charities and initiatives around the world. Each cause remains integral to the heart of the house, the Manolo Blahnik community. Scroll to read more about each partnership.

Manolo Blahnik is proud to support the Mental Health Foundation and has been doing so as an official partner since May 2019.

The UK-based charity is a leader in research and public awareness, advocating for policy development at a local and national level. The Mental Health Foundation provides free, evidence-based information to help empower people to look after their mental health. 

Their team has been working tirelessly to identify and inform on emerging issues, helping organisations and the UK Government effectively respond to those in need.

Their work on mental health during the coronavirus pandemic, is one of many highlights in the work they carry out to implement systemic change around all mental health related issues. Manolo Blahnik helped fund the Mental Health: Coronavirus and the Pandemic project, a fundamental research programme to examine the impact on individuals and communities across the UK.

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We hope you will join us in supporting this incredible charity in any way you can.

Further information on the Mental Health Foundation can be found here.

Manolo Blahnik is proud to support the British Red Cross since 2022.

The charity provides local support to people around the UK with programs dedicated to mobility, refugee services, emergencies in the UK and free mental health resources. As part of the International Red Cross, the British Red Cross provides aid to people around the world in times of emergency, supports refugees and survivors of trafficking, and those facing chronic hunger. Their network of millions of volunteers work on the ground across 92 countries to prevent or ease human suffering.

Manolo Blahnik made an additional donation to support efforts to bring peace to those affected by the Ukraine crisis. The British Red Cross has helped more than 49,000 people arriving to the UK after fleeing Ukraine. Their efforts include reuniting loved ones and providing emotional and practical tools to the people beginning their lives in a new country. With help from their volunteers, they have provided over 5 million people in Ukraine with vital emergency relief including medical aid, psychological support, food, water, and shelter.

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Manolo Blahnik is proud to partner with Treedom by planting trees across different Treedom projects around the world on behalf of each of its employees to create the Manolo Blahnik Global Family Forest.

Since its foundation in Florence, Italy in 2010, Treedom has planted more than 1.9 million trees and collaborated with 112,000 farmers across 17 countries. The trees bring environmental benefits (offsetting CO2 emissions, supporting biodiversity, combating soil erosion and deforestation), as well as social benefits (training, food security, empowerment and income).

Each tree has an online page, geolocated and photographed allowing you to see their impact online. These characteristics ensure that Treedom trees create a lasting bond between people, allowing us to take action to protect the environment and the communities that inhabit it.

By planting trees with Treedom Manolo Blahnik has contributed to 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN Member States for 2030.

Manolo Blahnik is honoured to support King’s College London with a grant to support qualitative research into moral injuries associated with working in highly challenging conditions for healthcare workers, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funded study published in October 2022 reported nearly half of intensive care unit and anaesthetic staff surveyed reported symptoms consistent with a probable diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, severe depression, anxiety, or problem drinking. Moral injury refers to the intense psychological distress experienced following an event which violates one’s moral beliefs or expectations. The report details that healthcare staff experience a range of potentially morally injurious events, including mistreatment of others, witnessing unethical behaviour of others and/or failing to intervene, and feeling betrayed by trusted others such as not being provided with adequate support by managers.

Our grant is funding ongoing research, analysis, and a dissemination plan to facilitate wide-scale implementation of an intervention to reduce moral injury and thus directly improve the lives of healthcare staff.

Manolo Blahnik is proud to have partnered with the National Saturday Club on a ‘Introduction to Communications’ workshop offered to 13–16-year-olds from across the UK. The interactive masterclass, centred around three main pillars of communication – PR, Marketing and Events and Content Creation, was hosted by the Manolo Blahnik in house Communications team based in the company’s London head office. Saturday Club members from London College of Fashion, Istituto Marangoni and Central Saint Martins took part.

In partnership with the British Fashion Council, Fashion & Business Saturday Clubs offer the industry’s next generation a broad view of contemporary fashion, nurturing their talent, building their skills, and introducing them to possible future careers in the sector.

The National Saturday Club programme offers young people the opportunity to study subjects they love for free at their local university, college, or cultural institution. The dynamic programme of weekly Saturday classes taught by expert tutors, as well as leading industry professionals, culminates in a summer showcase of the Club members’ work at London’s Somerset House.

With a particular focus on engaging young people from underrepresented communities, the programme offers young people across the UK a transformational opportunity to build skills, develop confidence and discover pathways to further study and future careers.

In March 2022 we were incredibly excited to launch INLAW, a joint initiative by Manolo Blahnik and Urban Lawyers.

INLAW is an educational programme aimed at providing high school students from underrepresented backgrounds an opportunity to understand the career paths available in law. This involved identifying the pathways to this profession and an opportunity to discover which of their own personal attributes, qualities and skills would support a career in law.

These incredible students had the unique opportunity to meet and interact with leading legal professionals from Manolo Blahnik and academics and researchers from renowned chambers and law firms. Through an interactive blend of classwork and coursework, the weekly modules were aimed to develop the skills and tools needed in the field of law as well as empower and equip students with career skills and knowledge. After students graduated with a certificate, we were delighted to enrol a second cohort of students through the programme in 2023. It was another successful year and the programme is set to continue in 2024.