From the wonders of the natural world translated into exquisite, embroidered detailing, or classic motifs inspired by the modernist buildings of Bari, Spring ’24 draws inspiration from a range of eclectic references for an edit of showstopping creations. Striking the perfect balance between heritage and modernity, Spring ’24 continues to show the refined artisanry of Manolo Blahnik.


Inspired by Picasso’s oeuvre and his time spent in the Mediterranean, Manolo weaves these references into the spring collection. Picasso’s portraits of his muse Jacqueline inspired serrated edge detailing, angular cut-outs and vibrant colour palettes. Adding a feminine touch to the collection, Manolo references the recurring images of doves in the artist’s work, with clear crystal embellished feather detailing on an array of styles.


For Spring ’24, Manolo revisits his love for the natural world. The fanned lines of an acanthus leaf inspired styles with graphic ankle-details in vibrant colourways, whilst the lightness of bucolic springtime met the 1960’s work of photographer David Bailey, on daisy-lace designs. Chambray embroidered daisies adorn classic silhouettes in a romantic offering for the new season.


Exploring the work of society photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue, Manolo was inspired by the idyllic resort life on the French Riviera. Vibrant spring-ready colours, from rich reds to soft pastel tones, are showcased on styles inspired by the expressive work of painter Pierre Bonnard. Distinct stripes and parasol inspired brights adorn shoe-booties and sandals. A new angular deco-inspired accessory, found on new season sandals and pumps recall the glamourous societal figures.


Referencing his beloved Italy, Manolo takes inspiration from historic iterations of Italian art and architecture. Herringbone zigzags adorn the classic Maysale and Maygot in a palette of pastel-tones, inspired by a complex mural painting by street artist Sten Lex. Delving deeper into the past, Manolo explored the classical statues of Siracusa, which influenced contemporary metallic sandals with stud detailing.

Spring ’24 encapsulates the heritage and innovation of Manolo Blahnik, whilst upholding the exquisite craftsmanship that remains the cornerstone for each collection.

Explore the Spring 2024 collection here.