Product Care Introduction

Only materials of the highest quality are chosen for our products.

It is our intention not only to create beautiful shoes, but to ensure their longevity and durability through the use of this care guide.

For all of our products, it is important to keep them clean, dry, out of direct sunlight and in their care bags when not in use.

It is important to always keep the original proof of purchase in the event you believe you have an issue with your shoes.

For more information please contact us directly on and we will be very happy to assist you.

Please note that Manolo Blahnik has made these recommendations simply as a courtesy to those wishing to care for or repair our products and customers who follow these guidelines are solely responsible for the result, excluding Manolo Blahnik from any responsibility.


How to store your Manolo Blahnik shoes

Always store your Manolo Blahnik shoes in their care bag placed inside the box out of direct sunlight or heat. You can also stuff your shoes with tissue paper before storing. Ensure shoes with Swarovski crystals and hardware are stored in such a way the crystal is not pulling on any outer fabrication. Ensure the shoes are well ventilated before storage. 

How to maintain the shape of your shoes

It is only natural for the shape of the shoe to change over time. Not only will your Manolo Blahnik shoes mould to the shape of your own foot but they may stretch further with extensive wear. As leather is indeed a skin, after extensive wear it may begin to wrinkle.

A simple method for prolonging the suppleness of the leather is to stuff your shoes with tissue paper after being worn.

How to keep the soles in good condition

The soles of your Manolo Blahnik shoes are made of a smooth and delicate leather and will therefore naturally wear down with extensive wear. This is not a manufacturing defect, it is a natural process and part of the normal wear of the shoes.

We can offer a few tips for maintaining the soles:

In the event the soles become very worn down, we recommend replacing them with an additional leather sole as soon as possible. This can be done at most cobblers.

It is not recommended to walk on wet grass as shoes will get dirty and the stains are very difficult to remove. Affixing a new leather sole is also recommended as this will protect them from the heat and rain and they will last longer.

Please note that small stains on the leather sole can be softened by rubbing gently with a white eraser.

How to look after heel tips

With extensive wear the heel tip will naturally deteriorate. It is recommended that these are changed before the inner heel begins to show. This is important as having an unstable heel can lead to balancing issues and effect the shape of the entire shoe. 

You can change your heel tip at a shoe cobbler.

How to clean the inner soles

It is only natural for the inner sole to become dirty or discoloured over time. For this reason we recommend regular mild cleaning to enhance the appearance. 

A traditional method of doing this is to mix some soap and water and softly brush away the dirt. 

Ensure that there is no water which comes into contact with the outer sole as this may stain the fabrication.

If the inner soles need further attention, please seek the guidance of a professional leather cleaner or expert.

Tips for calf and nappa leathers

As with all skins, leather will wrinkle and soften with age. Light colours especially need to be kept out of contact from water and other liquids. To maintain the shape of your shoes, you can stuff the shoes with tissue paper when not in use. This will help maintain the supple and smooth nature of the leather. A neutral leather conditioner can be used to maintain the softness of the leather however ensure this is spot tested and thoroughly dry before use. When not in use, it is important to ensure leather shoes are dry and well ventilated before storing in their care bags. 

Tips for suede

Suede often has subtle colour variations due to the rub of the leather. Excess exposure to water or other liquids may result in staining so we recommend using a protective spray however ensure to spot test this first on an inconspicuous area of the leather. If you find a small build up of dirt, suede can be cleaned with a soft leather cleaning brush however ensure this is not overly abrasive to the leather. When not in use, keep your shoes clean, dry and in their care bags.

If you believe your suede shoes need further cleaning, please consult a professional leather cleaner or expert.

Tips for satin

Our satin is sourced and inspected for the highest quality lustre and durability. However being a naturally delicate fabric, ensure minimal contact with sharp or rough objects that may cause the satin to pull or tear. Contact with liquid may cause satin to stain and therefore it is important to keep your shoes safe from rain and other liquids. In terms of cleaning satin a professional shoe cleaner can advise in this regard. When not in use, keep your shoes clean, dry and in their care bags. For satin shoes with crystal embellishments, ensure the shoes are stored in separate care bags or in such a way that the crystals do not come into contact with any part of the satin.



Tips for linen, cotton and canvas

Strong and breathable, these natural fibrous fabrics are often part of our collections. It is important they do not come into contact with liquids as it may cause the material to stain. Light coloured fabrications may naturally discolour with age. Keep shoes out of direct sunlight and when not in use keep clean, dry and in their care bag.

Tips for patent leather

Patent is a hardwearing and durable leather. You can maintain its gloss by regular polish with a soft cloth. When not in use, keep your shoes clean, dry and in their care bags.


Tips for lace

It is important to take extra care with lace shoes as it is a delicate fabrication and needs to be kept out of contact from sharp, rough objects that may catch the material. It is important to keep lace out of contact with water or other liquids. Do not apply leather cleaning products to lace. Please seek a professional cleaning service. When not in use, keep your shoes clean, dry and in their care bags.

Tips for Swarovski crystals and hardware

All of our products are handmade including the placement of our exquisite Swarovski crystal buckles which have since become synonymous with Manolo Blahnik. It is important to ensure the crystals and the surrounding hardware are kept out of contact of the satin, lace or leather of which it adorns as this may ultimately cause the material to scratch or tear. If the hardware happens to be in contact with water, pat dry with a cloth immediately. Ensure shoes with crystals and/or hardware are stored in separate care bags.

Tips for calf hair

Calf or ‘pony’ hair is simply calf leather without the pelt removed. It is natural to find colour variations and for calf hair to shed hairs from time to time. Ensure you do not apply any leather care products to your pony hair shoes and avoid contact with liquids.

Tips for metallic leather

It is in the nature of metallic finished leathers to lift over time. Ensure that there is minimal contact with sharp objects as this will cause the leather to tear. Ensure the shoes are shoes are kept in a cool, dry environment and in their care bags when not in use.

Tips for exotic leathers

Luxurious snake and lizard skins often appear in our collections. It is in the nature of these skins to fade and/or peel over time especially when exposed to a humid environment. Ensure the shoes are kept in a cool, dry environment and in their care bags when not in use.

Tips for fur

Fur is often used in our collections and we aim to source the finest quality. It is in the nature of fur to sometimes shed hairs. If the fur gets wet, allow the product to dry naturally and resist the temptation to dry with a heater or hairdryer. Ensure the product is cleaned by a leather and fur expert.