Winter ’23 encapsulated the perfect balance between heritage and innovation, with the exquisite craftsmanship and eclectic passions of Manolo Blahnik at the heart of the collection. Manolo referenced an amalgamation of inspirations from the graphic geometric work of abstract artists to the simple elegance of life on the French Riviera, and even the revival of iconic archival styles, distilling them into designs that are idiosyncratically Manolo.


Known for his typically bold brights, Manolo looked to the influence of expressive abstract artworks of the 20th century, with a myriad of inspirations from Delaunay to Leger to Matisse, and cubism to fauvism to orphism. Pom poms and tassels adorned elegant everyday styles, as seen below on the Gelsominamu. Sail-like silhouettes referenced the wonderful waterfront of the Mediterranean, with ties, knots and wave detailing adding a playful sense of refinement to the collection.


For Winter ’23, Manolo delved into the world of photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue and his ornate depictions of resort life in the French Riveria. Alongside his portraits of artists and celebrities, Lartigue used film to document the refined elegance of the time, and the charming coastal landscapes of the early 20th century. Transported to the glamourous lifestyle of the French Riveria, Manolo used soft mediterranean hues and delicate flocked mesh to reimagine the classic Maysale and BB, capturing the gentility of the south of France.


Manolo paid tribute to the father of his dear friend, Paloma Picasso, and fellow Spaniard, Pablo Picasso. Pulling inspiration from his early cubist depictions, Manolo created styles with a dynamic palette of bold stripes in contrasting colours, a new abstract angular shaped heel and inlaid zig zag patterns. The Winter '23 collection welcomed the revival of the iconic Manolo style seen below - Orientalia - a golden slipper originally designed in 1986, reimagined in metallic crepe de chine.

Craftsmanship and creativity remain the cornerstone of every Manolo Blahnik collection, striking the perfect balance between innovation and heritage, with a touch of imagination and fantasy.