Manolo Blahnik found inspiration for the Autumn 2022 collection across architecture, artistic movements and the fashions of his formative years. Honing the most elegant balance between form and function, the craftsman employed distinctive silhouettes, decadent embellishments and a dynamic colour palette. Revisit the Autumn 2022 collection and discover the equisite artisanship of Manolo Blahnik.

Cecil Beaton is a reoccurring inspiration across Manolo’s collections – renowned as a photographer, Beaton also created incredible drawings of the elegant society scene. Manolo studied one such illustration featuring an artful polka dot dress, reimagining the watercolour print as soft spots on pony hair for avant-garde styles. 

Manolo referenced paintings and photocollages by pop-art pioneer Richard Hamilton, translating their sloping lines and striking colours into a sweetheart vamp. Manolo also delved into Pierrot, the colourful stock character in Italian 17th Century commedia Dell'Arte, for a theatrical series of plush jewel-tone velvets. Manolo translated Pierrot’s distinctive smocked costume with contrasting pom-poms on classic silhouettes.

Revisiting the counterculture of the swinging sixties, set in the boutiques of Carnaby Street, Manolo looked to the daring, futuristic looks of the decade to inspire a sleek new statement buckle. 

Embellishments will forever have a starring role in Manolo’s collections and for Autumn 22 the enduring theme was opulence. Grand opera houses inspired an exquisite series of jewel-tone satin with sparkling neo-baroque buckles.

Inspired by the golden age of cinema, Manolo also channelled Old Hollywood charm with delicate baguette crystals lining timeless styles.

The resurgence of Egyptian motifs that followed the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb was the starting point for Manolo’s deeper dive into Egyptian ornamented iconography. He referenced these exotic patterns to create a new geometric embellishment for Autumn 2022.

Heritage techniques and time-honoured craft are at the heart of Manolo’s inspirations. For Autumn 22, he paid homage to Scottish tartan, covering signature silhouettes in the traditional primary-hued pattern.

The Autumn 22 collection referenced far and wide, historic and contemporary, with craftsmanship first and foremost the focus. Manolo offered a collection of showstopping styles that will stand every test of time.