Introducing the Summer 2019 Collection

For each collection Manolo’s ever-wandering imagination seeks inspiration from all corners of the world. Manolo introduces a unique collection inspired by both the ancient and modern; turning to everything from classic Byzantine culture to costumes of the Ballet Russes.

True to his fascination with embellishments Manolo fashions a new heart-shaped brooch for the Summer 2019 collection - an ornate testament to his love for Paris, the city in which he developed his infatuation with fashion. Along with his personal affiliation with the city, Manolo adores Versailles and its rich history. He remains enchanted by its extravagance: the lavish, gilded interiors, opulent flooring and celestial ceilings, all of which inspire this new embellishment.

A pale blue satin pump with a heart shaped embellishment, resting on a stack of silk and black lace.

Manolo’s irreverent and playful nature always makes its way into his creations. He constructs a series of styles in a rainbow colour palette of sumptuous satin adorned with multicoloured pom-poms. These playful trims are inspired by the uniforms of Napoleon’s infantry when pom-poms were used as trims on their hats. Manolo fashions the pom-poms into clusters for a sculptural, button-like accessory as well as attaching them to straps for a tassel effect: full of movement when you walk and a feast for the eyes!

A pair of pink heeled mules with pom pom tassels. The mules are hanging from a chain of pom poms.

For the Spring 2019 collection, Manolo introduced a new architectural heel, based on the clean, geometric lines of sculptor Constantin Brâncuși. The sculptural heel returns for the Summer collection paired with strappy sandals and bold mules.

A pair of pumps with a sculptural heel. The pumps are balancing on two glass terrariums.

Amongst the new collection you will also spot this season’s graphic print that was inspired by the exotic, richly coloured sets and costumes of the Ballet Russes. In particular, it was designer Leon Bakst’s celebrated creations for the Russian ballet performances that caught Manolo’s imagination. Manolo created a pattern based on the costumes for Le Coq d’Or in 1914 featuring strong yellow and brown graphics on rustic cotton fabric.

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