Smile in Manolo's red handwriting
The Smile Initiative is a collection of Manolo’s passions and obsessions to be enjoyed at home and shared with loved ones. Launched at the beginning of 2020, the initiative is made with the hope of providing inspiration and spreading positivity to our community.
Manolo Blahnik is proud to support five charity partners. Read more about our ongoing partnerships and resources here.
Visit and explore a selection of Manolo’s favourite gardens across the globe and connect with nature. Click here to explore.
A collection of Blahnik family recipes shared by Manolo and Kristina in hopes you will find joy in the act of cooking and comfort in the delicious dishes. Click here to explore the recipes.
The Art of Colouring is a celebration of an activity close to Manolo’s heart and to the house, one we believe can bring a sense of calm and encourage mindfulness. Click here to explore the sketches.
Find company, comfort and solace in this edit of Manolo’s all-time favourite books which have had a tremendous influence on his life and work. Click here to explore.
Manolo finds endless inspiration from films each season. Click here for a curated list of his top five favourite film recommendations to be enjoyed from home.