The Sketches

A sketch of Ossiekov, a black court shoe. The shoe has black and white diamond panelling with red spots at the front.
A sketch of two Tilda shoes. A green and brown mule with pointed toes and a multicoloured buckle and a stiletto heel.
A watercolour ink sketch of Artyon, a blue ankle boot. The high-heeled boot is covered in small blue and yellow feathers.
A sketch of two Mocheta shoes, one black one purple. These high heeled shoes have circle patterns around the foot and ankle.
A watercolour ink sketch of Skaya. A black court shoe with a square toe. It has gold panel detail and an ankle tie.
A sketch of the Abanico de Sevilla fantasy shoe. Polka dot fans on the front of the shoe to represent flamenco dancers.
A watercolour ink sketch of Sadovna, a black D'Orsay pump with a squared toe. The shoe has gold brocade detail at the front.
A sketch of Toubid, a dark red high-heeled sandal. There are three thin straps with seaweed-like shapes hanging from them.
A watercolour ink sketch of The Net shoe. A Caucasian foot inside a stiletto high heeled shoe made of a red open mesh weave.
A watercolour ink sketch of Hilaria, a light pink lace-up bootie with Picasso-inspired patterns.
A watercolour ink sketch of Apocalipto, a pair of brown leather flat sandals with fur trim.
A sketch of the Mafrisa mule. A low heeled mule in a zebra print, with a multicoloured jewelled buckle.
A watercolour ink sketch of Chamba. A black high-heeled, open toe sandal featuring panels of red and yellow suede.
A sketch of three shoes called Kilosamod. The shoes are colourful flat mules, with pom poms on the front.
A watercolour ink sketch of Lola. A  high heeled slip-on sandal in cow print.
A sketch of Nuzianta. A high-heeled pump with blue, purple and burgundy pom poms attached all over the shoe.
A sketch of Acantus. A green shoe, with oak leaf shapes. The heel is shaped as a series of baubles.
A sketch of the Ouf shoe. A high-heeled D’Orsay pump with a wide ankle strap. There are ruffles around the toe and ankle.
A watercolour ink sketch of Tendona, a high-heeled sandal featuring a tall panel with squares in red, yellow and fuchsia.
A sketch of two Scota ‘Mary-Jane’ shoes. One shoe is red the other black. The have a kitten heel and brouge detailing.